In Indian context the concept of Solah (16) shringar (adornmnets) exists for women. According to mythology it is based on 16 phases of moon. All these apart from having some mythological importance make an Indian women look very attractive.
The 16 adornments (shringar) are as follows:



1. Saree : സാരീ


Indian Girl sexy in Saree

It is considered to be the most elegant & the most sexiest dress


 2.  Hair : മുല്ലപ്പൂ ചൂടിയ മുടി 


India girl haido cute

Hairdo adorned with gajra/flowers



3.   Maang teeka. : നെറ്റി ചുട്ടി



To be worn along the central parting of hair.



4.   Bindi on forehead : പൊട്ട്


Close-up of a beautiful woman with a bindi




5. Sindoor : സിന്തൂരം 



Vermilion powder used only by married women.


6 .Kajal (Kohl) : കണ്മഷി 



: It beautifies the eyes & makes them look more attractive.

7.Nose ring/flower : മൂക്കുത്തി 




8.Ear rings : കമ്മല്‍ 



The jhumka design is very popular.



9.Chain/necklace : 





10.Bangles :  വളകള്‍ 


It is not just the various design in which they come but the sound they make when the hand is moved is awesome. Always creates a sensation among males.

11.Arm band : കാപ്പ് 





Worn on the upper part of arm or just near the sleeves of blouse

12.Rings on fingers : മോതിരം 





13.Waist band : ഒട്ടിയാണം





Worn just below the belly button and at the starting point of saree (on waist).


14.Anklets (pajeb);  പാദസരം 





The tinkle sound it produces when a female walks is very very attractive.


15.Mehndi (Henna) : മൈലാഞ്ചി 





The palms are beautifully decorated with henna and it gives a nice. Makes the hands look very attractive. Gives a natural urge to males to hold them / kiss them.


16.Toe rings : മിഞ്ചി 



Worn by married women. It enhances the beauty of toes



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Inspired by article on Quora.