Have you recently come across facebook profiles that have a lot of likes and comments? Has someone asked you to like their profile pictures in turn for liking yours? Has someone called you ‘broiiii’ instead of ‘bro’?

If so, you have just encountered a new upcoming community popularly referred to as ‘CHUNK’ bros or ‘Freakzz’ or ‘Qualbzz’.

In case you are wondering of becoming a member, here are 10 easy ways to get started.

1.Grow hair in an un-orderly fashion so that you stand out amongst normal people


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2.Wardrobe should consist of skinny fit jeans preferably in 11 different colours, yellow, green and red.


3.Use of a high powered girly scooter is mandatory


4.While typing, all text must be in aLtErNaTe capital and small letters. Excessive use of the letter ‘z’ after every word is advised.


5.Make sure you add the (un)official ‘Chank’ smiley in every status message and comment. <3 :*


6. Befriend a fellow ‘Chank’ who owns a DSLR camera and a Photography page on Facebook.


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7. Very Important! Add filters, flares and Smoky edits before uploading ANY picture. Don’t forget the watermark on the image.


8. Favour/Oppose events such as ‘Kiss of Love’ . Either way make your presence felt.


9.Support the ‘Chunk’ community by liking, commenting and adding until everyone reaches the 5000 friend limit.



10. Make him your idol.

This “cool” dude who get likes for no logical reason at all. 😛


Photo Courtesy : Ajmal Khan

Lub yew moi Chank Broiiiss… <3 :*

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