Zam Zam is the usual first choice for Trivandrum guys if they can’t think of any other food joint! Good food, reasonable prices. But the place is mostly crowded, particularity during evenings.

A lot of people who reviewed it in the Google loved it, totally. Those who are travelling from North Indian, this is one of the food joints you can find in Trivandrum.

The taste is superb, pricing is affordable, service is excellent, and the ambience is also good.Overall, a must go to place in Thiruvananthapuram.

I’d not recommend the fried chicken here, though.

I had been here a lot of times. Enjoyed the barbeque dishes they serve! Plenty of desserts to choose from and I have always been a fan of the Arabian ball grape juice served here!

Crowded most of the times( that’s the only pain in the neck).Otherwise, I would recommend this to all folks out there!

One thing that concerns is Parking. Since it’s  a crowdy place one should be concerned about parking before going, but parking will mostly available.

One of the best restaurants in Trivandrum city. This hotel provides Halal food at affordable prices. Malabar dishes are the speciality of this restaurant. Ambient lighting provides good feel inside. The restaurant offers easy accessibility for the disabled in the entrance.
So in short,

Crowded ? Yes.

Long waiting times ? Yes.

Worth the wait ? Absolutely.

And Prices ? Quite affordable.

Parking ? Yup (though its mostly double/triple layered).

The food ? Amazing.