‘Boycott Kerala’ would be the trending slogan of the week, as recent events were unraveled about Kerala’s plans to execute the STRAY DOGS of the area – NOT PET DOGS!!!!!. Well everyone has been protesting against this; here are 10 reasons why Kerala should go through this and get the job done.

1. They unexpectedly jump in front of traffic


2. They bite innocent people


3. They create nuisance


4. They spread rabies


5. They litter. Actually they litter the waste that the humans litter and it creates a huge mess



6. They form gangs and get into dog fights


7. They sleep all day and wake up everyone at night. People can’t sleep properly due to their excessive barking


8. They breed… A LOT, increasing the K9 population


9. They kill other domestic animals




10. I just don’t like ‘HACHIKO’


In the movies, it is portrayed that dogs cannot cause harm to humans but in real life, they might as well bite

Stop blaming KERALA for what’s happening. Kerala had ordered ONLY TO KILL RABIES INFECTED DOGS that would have died in 10 days. Fake news and people making racist comments about KERALA aka God’s Own Country, can’t be tolerated.

We don’t justify killing but we ensure the safety of humans as the main priority.